NYC Launches Affordable Official Trash Bins Ahead of 2024 Mandate

July 8, 2024

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NYC Bin: Affordable and High-Quality Trash Solutions Now Available Online

In a significant stride towards urban cleanliness and efficiency, New York City is set to introduce a new regulation on containerization for buildings with one to nine residential units, effective November 12, 2024. This initiative marks a pivotal moment in the city’s ongoing efforts to manage its massive annual waste output of 14 billion pounds. The announcement was made by New York City Mayor Eric Adams and New York City Department of Sanitation (DSNY) Commissioner Jessica Tisch in a symbolic event at Gracie Mansion, where the first official NYC Bin was showcased.

A Revolutionary Step in Waste Management

The introduction of the official NYC Bin represents a crucial development in New York City’s extensive waste management strategy. Designed to be both affordable and durable, the NYC Bin aims to eliminate the ubiquitous black trash bags that have long plagued the city’s streets. Equipped with wheels and a secure latching lid, this high-quality bin is priced under $50 for the most common size, making it the cheapest bin of its quality on the market. The initiative is a part of the city’s broader “Trash Revolution,” intended to containerize over 70 percent of the city’s waste within two years.

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The Features and Benefits of the NYC Bin

  • Affordability: Priced below $50, making it accessible for most property owners.
  • Durability: Constructed to withstand the rigors of urban waste management.
  • Convenience: Equipped with wheels and a secure latching lid for easy handling.
  • Exclusivity: Secured through a unique contracting mechanism that ensures low prices.

The New Regulation: What Property Owners Need to Know

Effective November 12, 2024, a new rule will require all buildings with one to nine residential units and special-use buildings receiving DSNY collection to use containers for their waste. This regulation aims to streamline waste management processes and enhance the city’s overall cleanliness.

Key Provisions of the New Rule

  • Transition Period: Property owners have until June 1, 2026, to fully adopt the official NYC Bin.
  • Compliance: Bins must be 55 gallons or less and have a latching lid.
  • Enforcement: Warning period until the end of 2024, with fines starting January 2, 2025.

Enhancing Public Spaces and Reducing Costs

The new containerization rule is expected to significantly reduce costs for small property owners by offering an affordable alternative to expensive retail bins. Many property owners currently spend over $100 on bins to keep their streets clean. The official NYC Bin, available at a fraction of the price, makes compliance economically feasible.

The Economic Impact

  • Cost Savings: Affordable bins reduce financial burdens on property owners.
  • Increased Efficiency: Mechanized collection with rear-loading “tipper” garbage trucks.
  • Public Space Enhancement: Cleaner sidewalks and public areas.

The Broader Context: The “Trash Revolution”

The launch of the official NYC Bin and the new regulation are integral components of the city’s “Trash Revolution.” This comprehensive effort aims to redefine New Yorkers’ relationship with waste and has already led to significant reductions in rat sightings.

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Achievements So Far

  • Rat Mitigation: The NYC Bin is a key tool in reducing rat infestations.
  • Public Health: Cleaner streets contribute to better overall public health.
  • Community Engagement: Extensive outreach and education campaigns.


What is the official NYC Bin?

The official NYC Bin is a high-quality, affordable trash container equipped with wheels and a latching lid, designed specifically for New York City’s waste management needs.

When does the new containerization rule take effect?

The rule becomes effective on November 12, 2024, with a transition period until June 1, 2026.

What are the penalties for non-compliance?

Fines for non-compliance start at $50 for the first offense, $100 for the second offense, and $200 for subsequent offenses.

How can property owners purchase the official NYC Bin?

The official NYC Bin is available for purchase online, with orders recommended by October 1 to ensure delivery before the regulation takes effect.

Are there different bins for different types of waste?

Yes, matching green (for paper) and blue (for metal, glass, plastic, cartons) NYC Bins are available for property owners who prefer a coordinated set.


The introduction of the official NYC Bin and the new containerization regulation mark a significant advancement in New York City’s waste management strategy. By providing an affordable, durable solution for trash containment, the city aims to reduce costs for property owners, enhance public spaces, and continue its successful “Trash Revolution.” As New York City moves towards a cleaner, more efficient future, the official NYC Bin stands as a testament to the power of innovative solutions in urban waste management.

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