Kroger-Albertsons Merger: 91 Colorado Stores to Be Sold

On Monday, the parent companies of King Soopers and Safeway revealed a comprehensive list of stores they intend to sell as part of a monumental merger that has been in the works for nearly two years. This announcement marks a significant step in the proposed merger between Kroger and Albertsons, which has the potential to reshape the retail landscape across the United States.

Earlier this year, Kroger and Albertsons disclosed their plan to divest 579 stores nationwide to C&S Wholesale Grocers, a move aimed at addressing regulatory concerns and ensuring competitive balance. Among these stores, 91 are located in Colorado, affecting various communities throughout the state. This strategic decision is set to impact numerous Safeway and Albertsons locations, including those in Colorado Springs, Monument, Woodland Park, Canon City, and Pueblo.

The Scope of the Merger

The proposed merger, initially announced in October 2022, is poised to become one of the largest in U.S. retail history. Kroger has emphasized that this deal will not only help in lowering prices but also expand the range of options available to customers, especially at a time when the cost of food is on the rise. However, the merger has not been without controversy.

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Regulatory Challenges

Both the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Colorado’s Attorney General have filed lawsuits in an effort to halt the merger. Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser has expressed concerns that the merger could potentially harm competition, thereby negatively impacting consumers. These legal challenges underscore the complexity and high stakes involved in this massive consolidation effort.

Impact on Colorado Communities

The divestiture of 91 stores in Colorado is set to have a significant impact on local communities. More than a dozen Safeway stores in Colorado Springs, Monument, Woodland Park, and Canon City are included in the list of stores to be sold. Additionally, one Safeway and one Albertsons in Pueblo may also be affected.

Specific Locations in Colorado Springs

Interestingly, the list encompasses all Safeway locations in Colorado Springs except one, situated at Circle and Galley. This exclusion could suggest strategic considerations based on sales performance, customer demographics, or logistical factors.

What This Means for Local Consumers

For local consumers, the sale of these stores could mean several things. On the one hand, there is the potential benefit of lower prices and more diverse product offerings promised by Kroger. On the other hand, changes in ownership could bring about uncertainties regarding store operations, employee conditions, and overall service quality.

Potential Benefits

  • Lower Prices: Kroger asserts that the merger will result in cost savings that can be passed on to consumers.
  • Increased Variety: The integration of Safeway and Albertsons into Kroger’s supply chain could introduce a wider range of products.

Potential Concerns

  • Job Security: Employees at the divested stores may face uncertainty regarding their job status.
  • Service Continuity: Changes in management and operational shifts could affect the customer experience.
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Detailed List of Affected Stores

Below is a detailed list of stores in southern Colorado set to be sold to C&S Wholesale Grocers:

  • Colorado Springs: Multiple Safeway locations except the one at Circle and Galley.
  • Monument: Select Safeway stores.
  • Woodland Park: Specific Safeway outlets.
  • Canon City: Designated Safeway branches.
  • Pueblo: One Safeway and one Albertsons.

For a comprehensive list of stores impacted across the country, you can click here.


What is the main reason behind the Kroger and Albertsons merger?

The primary motivation behind the merger is to create efficiencies that can help lower prices and expand product offerings for consumers.

How many stores in Colorado are affected by this merger?

A total of 91 stores in Colorado are set to be divested, including several in Colorado Springs, Monument, Woodland Park, Canon City, and Pueblo.

What are the potential benefits for consumers?

Consumers could benefit from lower prices and a broader range of products as a result of the merger.

Are there any potential downsides to the merger?

Potential downsides include concerns about job security for employees at the affected stores and possible disruptions in service quality.

What legal actions are being taken to stop the merger?

Both the FTC and Colorado’s Attorney General have filed lawsuits to prevent the merger, citing concerns about reduced competition.


The proposed merger between Kroger and Albertsons represents a significant development in the retail sector, promising both opportunities and challenges. While the potential for lower prices and increased variety is appealing, the concerns raised by regulatory bodies highlight the complexities involved in such a massive consolidation. As the situation continues to unfold, it will be crucial for all stakeholders, including consumers, employees, and regulators, to closely monitor the implications of this transformative deal.

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