How to Help Climate Change: Practical Tips for All of Us

How to Help Climate Change – Everyone can pick choices that protect nature and fight climate change to help our planet. It’s clear we need to act fast.

If we don’t cut down on greenhouse gases soon, we’ll face even worse climate impacts. Already, the world is 1.2°C warmer than before. Every small temperature rise brings big problems like droughts, floods, and storms.

The goal is to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. This means every person plays a part. If we work together, we can slow down climate change and protect our future.

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Urge Government for Bold Climate Action

Top climate scientists issued a grave warning in 2021. They said it’s our last chance to make big changes. These changes are key to avoid major climate chaos.

Canada needs to up its game. Our efforts are not enough to make a global impact. Our emissions have actually gone up since the Paris Agreement. The time to act is now.

Sign Climate Petitions

Signing climate petitions is a great way to push leaders for big changes. It shows them we, the public, want action. This pressure makes them more accountable.

Lobby Local Politicians

Don’t forget to talk to your local politicians. Ask them to make fighting climate change a top priority. Let your voice be heard in different ways, like during town halls.

Vote for Climate-Conscious Leaders

When you vote, choose candidates with strong climate action plans. Pick leaders who are ready to make serious changes. These changes will help our planet and our communities.

Use Energy Efficiently to Reduce Emissions

Canada uses the most energy per person in the world. But, you can cut down on pollution! How? By using less energy and saving money. You should switch your gas appliances for electric ones. Also, getting a smart thermostat can help control home temperature and lower energy use.

Swap Gas Appliances for Electric

Changing to energy-efficient electric appliances can make a big difference. An electric furnace, water heater, and stove reduce energy use. This decreases the carbon footprint of your home.

Install Smart Thermostats

Get a smart thermostat to manage your home’s temperature better. It works with your schedule to save money and reduce waste. Smart thermostats get to know your preferences over time, making your home more efficient.

Upgrade to Energy-Efficient Lighting

Switching to LED lights is a smart move. They use much less energy than traditional bulbs. Plus, they last longer. This helps you lower electricity bills and help the environment. When buying new lights, choose ones with the ENERGY STAR label.

how to help climate change

There’s a lot we can all do to fight climate change. Every action we take counts. Niklas Hagelberg of UNEP’s Climate Change team says we must aim for zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. This is important for everyone. We need to change what we buy and use. Also, we should ask our leaders to push for a cleaner world quickly.

Consume Less, Waste Less

Focusing on life’s simple pleasures brings more happiness than shopping. Spending time outside, with family, or helping others feels better. It makes us happier and helps the planet by using fewer resources. We should share, create, fix, reuse, and recycle to start this journey.

Focus on Experiences Over Possessions

Memories from trips or learning new things last longer than flashy items. Choosing to invest in travel, classes, or time with family brings more joy. It also avoids the harm to our planet that heavy shopping causes.

Repurpose and Upcycle Items

Before throwing things away, see if you can use them in a new way. Repurposing or upcycling stuff reduces the waste we produce. It also cuts down the demand for new, Earth-harming products. Have fun with DIY projects or find treasures at thrift stores to do this.

Compost Food Waste

A lot of the food we make ends up wasted, which hurts the Earth. To stop this, buy smart, use every part of food, mind portion sizes, and store food well. Don’t forget to compost the parts you can’t eat. Composting food scraps makes soil healthier and cuts down on a gas called methane.

Support Indigenous-Led Climate Initiatives

Indigenous Peoples are leading in the fight against climate change. They know the land deeply. They have a strong link to nature. They also face climate change and environmental issues directly. Defenders of their lands and waters take big risks. They fight to keep their areas safe from harmful activities like digging for oil.

As supporters, we can do a lot. We can help, join in, give money, and stand by groups like Indigenous Climate Action and local defenders of the land. By backing indigenous leaders, we make sure their wise thoughts and solutions help the world deal with the climate crisis.

Indigenous Peoples have looked after the earth for generations. They have deep wisdom and ways to use resources without harming the planet. When we partner with and give to projects they lead, we use this wisdom. We help these communities act on climate change in ways that respect their cultures.

Invest in Renewable Energy Sources

Even without installing solar panels or a wind turbine, you can help the environment. Look for local renewable energy co-ops online. As a co-op member, you own some of the renewable projects and earn money. Talk to your financial adviser about these investments too.

Join Local Renewable Energy Co-ops

Local renewable energy co-ops let you support green projects in your community. By joining, you share in the co-op’s work and get a return on your investment. It’s a way to help grow renewable energy in your area.

Divest from Fossil Fuels

Show businesses you’re serious about fighting climate change by checking your investments. Make sure your money doesn’t support fossil fuels. Check your job, pension, school, or bank too. If they’re invested in fossil fuels, join or start a divestment campaign. This action can push them to choose more sustainable options.

renewable energy investment

Start Climate Conversations

We all need to address climate change together. It’s important to find common ground with those who might see it differently. By talking about climate change with friends and family, you can make a big difference. You are trusted more than experts by many.

Initiate Workplace Green Teams

Start by forming a green team at your job. If you’re not working, try making green agreements with your housemates. This way, you all can think of eco-friendly ideas and support each other. It helps in handling climate matters both at home and at work.

Join Community Climate Groups

Consider joining your local [community climate group] via the Future Ground Network, too. These groups are great for meeting others who care about the planet. You can learn together and work on projects that make a real difference in your area.

Mobilize for Local Climate Action

In Canada, cities influence about half of our emissions. Over 80% of Canadians live in urban areas. It’s key that we see the power of cities in fighting climate change. By working with local leaders, you can help a lot. Your role as a citizen is strong when it comes to local climate action.

Work with Municipal Leaders

Our online resource helps you connect with your local leaders. Together, you can bring big changes to your area. This might include bringing in more renewable energy or better public transport. Your involvement can inspire leaders to make significant moves towards a greener community.

Explore Local Government Climate Guides

Learn about your city’s or town’s climate action and sustainability plans. Many places offer guides for joining local efforts. Look through these to see how you can help. Knowing the goals and strategies can guide you to make a big difference.

Adopt Sustainable Transportation

Transport contributes about 25% of global greenhouse gas emissions. To combat this, governments worldwide work to make travel more eco-friendly. We, too, can help by preferring sustainable travel over using our cars.

Walk or Cycle When Possible

Walking and cycling are great for our environment. They offer free, fun ways to stay active and explore our neighborhoods. If you can, skip the car for short trips.

Use Public Transit

For longer journeys, buses, trains, and subways are smart choices. Many places are improving their electric transport systems. This makes public transit even better for the planet.

Consider Electric Vehicles

When you must drive, think about an electric car. They don’t pollute directly, lowering your impact on the environment. More and more, these cars are becoming an affordable and smart option.

Choosing greener ways to move reduces our personal carbon footprints. It also helps push society towards a more sustainable future.

Embrace a Plant-Based Diet

Eat more meals from plants – it’s good for you and the Earth. Currently, about 60 per cent of the world’s farming land goes to raising animals. This is more than what’s good for us. Eating plants can lower the risk of illness, like heart problems, diabetes, and cancer.

Producing plants uses less energy and creates fewer gases. It also helps animals and plants thrive. So, it’s better for the environment.

Choosing plant foods helps our health and the planet. It lessens how much we harm the Earth. Farming that mainly grows plants cuts back on gases that heat our planet. And it saves precious resources.

So, eating more plants is a smart move for everyone to fight climate change.

Engage in Sustainable Consumerism

To shrink your carbon footprint, think about your shopping habits. Buying local and seasonal foods is a big first step. It cuts down on the emissions from moving food far and the power to keep it cold.

Buy Local and Seasonal Foods

Eating food that comes from nearby and is in season connects you to your area. This kind of food doesn’t need as much energy to get to you, so it has a smaller impact on the planet. The best part is, it tastes amazing and fresh.

Reduce Fast Fashion Consumption

The clothes we wear can have a big impact. The fashion industry creates a lot of carbon emissions, more than planes or ships. Fast fashion makes it easy to throw clothes away. Shop for clothes less often and pick brands that are good for the planet.

You can also rent clothes for special events or fix up older clothes to last longer. This way, you’ll look good and help the Earth at the same time.


The climate emergency is a challenge for everyone. We must reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. This means we all must make changes.

By changing how we live and putting pressure on our leaders, we help. We can ask for more from our governments. And we can start living greener.

It’s not too late to fight climate change. We need to act now. By choosing eco-friendly options and supporting green efforts, we make a difference.

Our choices matter. And when we join with others to push for big changes, we can do a lot. Let’s work together for a better, greener future.


What are the key steps we can take as individuals to help address climate change?

We all need to act fast in the face of the climate crisis. By 2050, we should aim for no greenhouse emissions. Everyone can help by changing how we consume and urging our leaders to lead us to a world with less carbon.

How can we urge the government to take bold climate action?

Signing climate petitions and supporting politicians who are serious about climate actions helps. In Canada, our goals need to be stronger. It’s key that all political parties work together to solve the climate crisis effectively.

What are some practical ways to use energy more efficiently and reduce emissions?

Switching to electric appliances can be a good start. Using smart devices and efficient lighting are also helpful. When not using electronics, unplugging them saves energy. Plus, washing clothes with cold water and choosing items with the ENERGY STAR mark are smart steps too.

How can we consume less and waste less to help the climate?

Focusing on joy found in nature and time with loved ones over buying things is important. Sharing, fixing, and reusing items helps cut waste. Don’t forget to reduce food waste, which plays a big role in climate change.

How can we support Indigenous-led climate initiatives?

Indigenous groups have rich environmental insights and experience. We can back their initiatives with our time, money, and voice. Organizations like Indigenous Climate Action need our help to protect our planet.

What are some ways to invest in renewable energy sources?

Joining local renewable energy groups is a good way to support clean energy. We should also talk to financial experts about green investments. It’s vital that our money doesn’t support fossil fuels.

How can we start climate conversations and get involved in community climate initiatives?

Working with others at work or home towards eco-goals is powerful. Joining local organizations can also make a big difference. Together, we can find solutions to climate challenges.

How can we get involved in climate action at the local government level?

City leadership can greatly reduce our country’s carbon output. We can support those in power who push for climate solutions. Working with local governments helps everyone fight climate change together.

What are some sustainable transportation options we can adopt?

Choosing to walk, cycle, or take eco-friendly public transit reduces emissions. Carpooling is another eco-friendly choice. Buying an electric car and flying less are additional steps that can help the environment.

How can we embrace a more plant-based diet to help the climate?

Eating less meat not only benefits our health but also our planet. Plant-based diets are better for the environment because they require less energy and reduce emissions. This is a win-win for us and the Earth.

How can we engage in more sustainable consumerism?

Picking local food and wearing sustainable fashion supports the environment. Buying fewer new clothes and renting for special events can also lower our carbon impact. These choices make a big difference in fighting climate change.

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